Pig Launchers & Receivers

The UMC team has years of experience in the design and fabrication of a variety of horizontal and vertical Pig Launchers & Receivers. UMC will provide you the custom and cost-effective product tailored to meet our individual customer’s needs as well as the require environmental and industry standards.

UMC Pig Launchers & Receivers are fabricated under stringent quality control guidelines and tested to meet DOT 49CFR192 Regulations or an individual customer’s specifications. Our separately housed X-Ray and Hydrotest buildings provide a true quality assurance that is second to none including comprehensive QA Manuals including all testing reports as well as Material Test Reports (MTRs) and Material Certificate Reports (MCRs).

UMC also represents a wide arrange of closures, valves, and pigging signals providing our customers the flexibility to get the exact product they desire. Every time.

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